Newtox 40

Wrinkles and Anti-aging have always been a “hot topic” when discussing a person's skin. Lately, there has been an influx of beauty products targeting this “sore” subject and the beauty care market has been inundated with products that may work well but have potentially negative side effects. With Lon Cosmetics, all is not lost.

Recently, there have been outstanding results achieved using naturally derived ingredients called Peptides. The use of Peptides has demonstrated results indicating a reduction in fine lines and wrinkle depth of up to 50% after 45-60 days of treatment. These Peptides provide a basis for Collagen and Elastin synthesis within your skin and have been reported to work on your skin at many levels. Lon Cosmetics uses cutting edge technologies and ingredients throughout it's entire product line to ensure you have the most beautiful radiant skin.

Key Ingredients

Helps to activate your skin's natural chemistry

Hyaluronic Acid
Nature's most efficient moisturizer. It affects multiple layers of your skin

Glycolic Acid
A highly effective exfoliating agent derived from natural sources

Salicylic Acid
Another highly effective exfoliating agent derived from nature

Natural botanical extracts
Multi-functional ingredients aiding in the formulas reach maximum efficacy

The “System”

For the optimal performance of the system, it's best to start with a “clean slate”. It's for this reason that we have structured our products to work synergistically with each other and on their own. Think of yourself and our products as an artist with fresh paint and a blank canvas. You can impart an image with one color but it's the sum of all of the colors that will truly make a masterpiece.