Desert Spring

The unique benefits of the minerals obtained from the Dead Sea water and sediment have been documented since the earliest of times. Lon Cosmetics was a pioneer in the study and use of such minerals in their product formulas and the reason Lon Cosmetics uses a proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts, proteins, amino acids and Dead Sea minerals. Lon Cosmetics is the first cosmetic company to offer this combination and has been able to provide the end user with the most efficacious products in their respective categories.

Anyone can achieve the following benefits using the products from the Desert Spring line:

  • Refine your skin with a soft and silky texture
  • Moisturize, nourish and replenish your skin
  • Provide a wonderful canvas for your daily make-up

LON Cosmetics offers a wide range of treatment products that are distributed throughout the world and their products are only authorized to be sold through their website and through the finest skincare salons. LON Cosmetics products are not sanctioned through third-party retail websites such as EBAY or Amazon. LON Cosmetics is the pioneer and original developer of cosmetics using materials from the Dead Sea. Since it's inception, Lon Cosmetics has adopted a philosophy of bringing the benefits of the Dead Sea to consumers around the world. It's based on the folklore and more so in recent scientific findings, that many health resorts have been established in the area. At these resorts, the patrons attend for a multitude of reasons ranging from rejuvenation and health to skin ailments such as Psoriasis, Acne, Rheumatic pains and others.