Frequently Asked Questions

The specific peptides that exist in the Newtox series lower the ability of the receptors to order facial muscle action. The activity of the facial muscles in your skin is reduced, causing less wrinkles to appear. By applying peptide-containing products on a regular basis, existing wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

Many people are afraid of surgery and the injection of potentially toxic materials into the skin. Botox, which is based on botulism, is a form of an anti-aging injection. These injections must be repeated every few months to maintain results and can lead to permanent irreversible damage to your facial muscles. More often than not, people prefer technologically advanced and safe products even though the process may be slower.

The Newtox Line of products contains specific peptides that reduce facial muscle activity. These peptides also assist in the formation of new Collagen and Elastin, which are part of the gel matrix of the skin. This product line helps in reducing the formation of new fine lines and wrinkles, while fading existing wrinkles. This is achieved using a safe and natural alternative to Botox.

In order to make full use of the Newtox series, one must prepare the skin for maximized absorption of the peptides. The Newtox Cleanser and Face Lotion contains ingredients that, in addition to the usual cleansing, prepare the skin for the absorption of the important peptides. The Night Cream contains acids that accelerate the removal of dead cells and are of major importance in the preparation of the skin.

Botox injections are proteins and neurotoxins produced by the bacteria Clostridum botulinum and is the most acutely lethal toxin known. Botulinum toxin (BTX) can cause botulism, a serious and life-threatening illness in humans and animals. Botulism toxin type “B” is used commercially for various cosmetic skin procedures.

Due to the high dilution of this toxin, the effect of botox is temporary and must be repeated every three to four months.

Problem skin usually appears when people have excessively oily skin. Nutrition is only a minor factor in the formation of problem skin. The sebum that secretes from the pores causes blockages of the skin and therefore promotes breakouts and other skin conditions.

Problem skin usually appears with adolescence and teenagers that are developing sexual hormone activity. As such, it is commonly believed that there is a link between sexual activity and problem skin. Adolescence contributes to accelerated hair growth and increased secretion of sebum which contributes to problem skin.

The mud and minerals, originating from the Dead Sea, are known for the capability of drying the skin and absorbing excess skin oils. The Dead Sea’s mud, contains sulfur and other organic materials that help to clear the skin of any irritation.

Open pores frequently appear on oily skin. Through the use of oil absorbing materials such as Dead Sea mud, sulfur and other minerals, we can reduce the size of the pores. Reducing the pore size can affect the production of excess sebum.

One should use drying lotion during the first appearance of an outbreak on your skin.

Yes, problem skin can appear anywhere on our bodies.

Although there are different treatments for varying parts of the body, one can apply the same treatment to multiple problem areas.

Yes, it can appear at any age. The treatment is the same at any age.

Drinking water is very essential for healthy skin and its appearance. However, there is no direct correlation between drinking water and treating problematic skin.

Facial skin must be kept very clean and should be washed several times a day with special types of cleansers. LON Cosmetics has several types of skin cleansers designed to gently and thoroughly cleanse your face.

Oily skin problems are, by their very nature, skin problems that occur because of excess sebum production. It is very rare for dry skin to have the specific issues that appear with oily skin problems but it can happen with combination skin (skin that has separate areas of oily and dry skin).

A Drying Lotion is a product based on the activity of the Dead Sea mud and dries oily skin very effectively. It can help remove impurities that may complicate your skin condition.