Target or Layer Masks For The Best Skin Treatment Possible

Double masking is the term for a long-standing effective method used by estheticians, which refers to two different techniques that maximize the benefits of masking treatments.

Technique 1: Targeted Area Treatment

The first double masking technique uses two different masks on separate areas of the face simultaneously to treat two different skin concerns, since the face can be made up of different skin care types and conditions. One example would be an oily T-zone, while the rest of their face is dry and prone to dehydration. A hydrating mask could be too rich for the T-Zone, while a clarifying mask could be too drying for the cheeks. In such cases, it makes perfect sense to use targeted products to address the contrasting conditions with different masks for better results.


Hormonal blemishes: Treat the areas prone to blemishes with hormone balancing ingredients, and apply a hydrating mask on remaining areas

Combination Skin Types: (Ex. - Oily T-zone, dry, dehydration prone skin on the rest of the face) Apply a pore refining mask on the T-zone area only, and a moisturizing mask on the cheek area.

Aging skin: Apply wrinkle depth ingredient-based masks on target areas such as the forehead, eye area and folds, and preventative ingredients on other areas.

Technique 2: Layering

The second double masking technique is mask layering, in which one mask is layered directly over another. This enhances the benefits of each individual mask due to the greater variety of nutrition.

Before mask layering, make sure you fully understand each mask’s qualities and have experience using the mask on different skin types. It’s important to note that certain ingredients are especially beneficial to combine when using the layering technique, and some are ineffective.

For mask layering, start with a light mask and top it off with a richer mask. This ensures fast absorption and may also help the benefits of the second mask work itself deeper into the skin. For example, apply gel-based masks first and then layer with a cream mask. A high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-based mask should be applied before layering a corrective mask on top.

The practice of double masking is truly effective to address more than one skincare concern while maximizing your skin care results.