Azulene is found in a wide variety of beauty products, including soaps, cleansers and moisturizers. It is also contained in hair care products and treatments, including conditioners, chemicals used for permanents and straightening and hair dyes.

Azulene is one of the most commonly used ingredients used in products designed for those with sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a condition the skin care professional sees every day in the treatment room. In a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, 44.6 percent of individuals polled stated they had sensitive skin. As sensitivity levels rise due to various factors, it’s important to determine exactly where your client’s sensitivity comes from before deciding on a specific course of treatment.
       Skin sensitivity always comes with inflammation, whether visible or not.

Exfoliating pumpkin enzymes easily and gently dissolve away dead surface cells and impurities, revealing newer, more radiant skin. Age-fighting antioxidants and vitamin A protect and nourish the skin.


Powerful Enzymes, Botanical Skin Lighteners and balanced fruit acids combine in a synergistic formula aimed at gently, yet efficiently resurfacing the skin: softening fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing large pores and safely lightening the complexion.

Salt deposits in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the natural treasures of Israel and possesses enormous potential for medical tourism. The solid evidence of the value of Dead Sea climatotherapy is there and continually expanding, and we urge the government to invest more in supporting research on existing and new indications. Without any doubt, the Dead Sea is very much alive.

The Dead Sea

The depth of the Dead Sea Depression forms a unique atmospheric condition which houses higher oxygen concentrations, relatively high temperature and low humidity. These conditions result in an accelerated rate of evaporation and an elevated accumulation of minerals.

Wrinkled skin

A new understanding of what causes skin aging, plus the development of substances that inhibit or mitigate premature skin aging, can result in profound changes in the appearance of mature skin.