About LON Cosmetics

In the earlier part of the 1960s, studies were conducted to investigate the unusual properties of the minerals found within the Dead Sea. The impetus behind this effort was the folklore behind the efficacy of the Dead Sea's water and mud.

The Dead Sea Throughout History

Historical accounts of the Dead Sea include Aristotle writing about the “remarkable waters”. There is an account of the Queen Of Sheba, who was the first to bathe in then advocate for the properties of the Dead Sea. It has been documented that Cleopatra heard of these “miraculous” properties and sent caravans of camels for the water from the Dead Sea so she could bathe in it. Her claim was that those waters helped her maintain her beautiful skin.

Additionally, there have been accounts that the Roman aristocracy sent for those same waters for the purpose of beautifying their skin and helping with various skin conditions. It is with that rich folklore in mind, that the studies began and they were done in part, by Hadassah Hospital and by a private initiative.

That private initiative became known as LON Cosmetics.

LON Cosmetics is now a well established cosmetic company (initially started in Israel). They have been operating since 1966 and they were the first cosmetic company to realize the potential benefits of using the minerals contained in the water and mud from the Dead Sea in cosmetic products. By 1967 and only after tireless research, they began employing those minerals in their products. In 1973 they imported these highly successful products to their company in New York. Shortly thereafter, large-scale production began in their U.S.A. manufacturing facility using the same formulas and raw materials as found in the original product line.

Innovation is the key to success

As such, LON Cosmetics' top-notch formulating chemists continually research and create dynamic industry changing products which cater to the ever-changing needs and desires of their clientelle.

LON Cosmetics offers a wide range of treatment products that are distributed throughout the world and their products are only authorized to be sold through their website and through the finest skincare salons. LON Cosmetics products are not sold through third-party retail websites such as EBAY or Amazon.